RJD2 - A Spaceship For Now [Video]

Scris pe 05.03.2010 de DJ Strike

RJD2, producatod de hip-hop originar din Philadelphia, a lansat videoclip-ul piesei A Spaceship For Now, ce promoveaza noul sau album - Colossus. Referitor la videoclip, RJD2 a spus: "What I love about the video is how surreal and weird it is. It’s like a timeline with gaps in it that basically forces you to come up with your own storyline or chronology. Or you can just bug out on the big ambiance of the synths. It's a perfect fit.". Colossus a fost lansat pe 19 ianuarie 2010 prin intermediul Electrical Connections.

A Spaceship For Now

Def Jux se inchide ?


Intr-o articol cu titlul "Of hooptys and hovercrafts" postat pe data de 3 februarie 2010 pe site-ul oficial al Definitive Jux, directorul artistic al label-ului independent, producatorul [citeste]