Scris pe 29.04.2007 de Hazee

A facut impresie buna la TMBase Music Workshop 2007, remarcandu-se printr-un set foarte corect. Se prezinta bine si la capitolul releases avand piese scoase la labeluri ca Bingo Beats, Intrinsic, Vandal, Prestige, TOV, Crisis sau Spearhead si altele in curs de aparitie. Are multe colaborari la activ cu producatori de valoare al noului val ca Alix Perez, Atlantic Connection, Peyo sau Bachelors of Science. Aflat de 10 ani in spatele platanelor Julien Salvi aka Redeyes, din Toulouse, a cucerit noi orizonturi prin productiile sale in care amesteca armonios funk, soul si samples din muzica veche, alaturi de basslines si loopuri de drmandbass.

What is your musical background, how long have you been DJ-ing?
I first listened to rock/hard rock music when I was a kid until I discovered hip-hop music in the late ‘80s, then all the afro musical grooves, etc. I started DJing around ‘97, so 10 years already, started by mixing hip-hop and breakbeat before dnb get bigger and bigger in my sets.

What made you start producing?
My love for the music, DJing is great, but making your own music is a wonderful feeling.

How long did it take to sign your first tune and which one it was?
I’ve been improving my skills on my computer for 3 years before getting signed, first tunes to be signed were "Hold Tight" on W10 - which is still not out and “The Main Chance” on Intrinsic; but Zinc who was faster than them put out on Bingo my first 12” - “Ghost Squad / About to Change”.

Do you have any advices for up-and-coming producers?
I had the chance to have some good producers around me, so I spent a lot of time watching the guyz, after that u just need to spend a looot of time you alone and your computer. My advice is that you always have to follow your instinct - when u have an idea, try to go as deep as u can into it, when u have the vibe or a groove, don’t loose it.

Which are your musical influences? What kind of music do you listen to now besides drumandbass?
I am listening to a lot of jazz, nu jazz, soul, labels as Tru Thoughts, Ubiquity, Blue Note, Stone Strow, etc.

Do you want to produce any other styles of music?
I am already producing other stuff, but I never got the time to finish the tunes, i love to make some jazz things or kind of broken beat stuff. These days I’m trying to make some hip hop loops too, just recycling the samples I’d never use in dnb.

How many hours do you spend on the internet daily and what role is it playing in your career as a DJ/producer?
Well, the internet and music software are on the same computer, so everything’s running in the same time lol. The internet helped me a lot - by the way of forums, aim, myspace, so that I’ve been discovered.

Which is the future of drumandbass in your opinion: musical, techno or heavy metal?
Dnb has always been into different influences, and it will always be like that, it’s just a big mixture of every music with a groove, theres something for everybody on this planet!!

How's the scene in France? There are a lot of new producers... How are the parties?
The scene in France is always in perpetual movement, just growing and growing, like everywhere in the world I think, dnb is worldwide, new producers are popping from everywhere, parties are just better and better (good vibe, nice and smiley people, good soundsystems, etc.).

Who is your favourite artist right now and who do you like to collaborate with?
Lynx is the one who makes the most exciting things at the moment I think; Break is really good too; I’m always a big fan of Random Movement – he has such a great vibe and D.Kay has such an amazing sound too; and a lot of others, too many to mention. Collaborations just come when u got a feeling with somebody else. I’ve been working with Alix Perez, Mutt, Bachelors of Science, a lot of frenchys and now i got some beats with Random Movement and Eveson, so who’s next?....

Which was the most exotic place you've played?
I think it was Bangkok. The club was not so exotic but hey it’s Bangkok baby lol and maybe Ljubjana ‘cause there were too many beautiful girls in the club.

Your current top 10 is:
01. Redeyes & Eveson - State of Mind
02. Nu Tone - Jet Stream
03. any new Lynx tunes
04. Redeyes - Hey Lover
05. Random Movement - A Good Start Is Saying No
06. Marky & Makoto - Stressed Out
07. Redeyes & Alix Perez - Clone 1001 – D.Kay rmx
08. Brookes Brothers - Open Your Eyes
09. Redeyes - The Science Of Sleep
10. Redeyes & SKS - Foolish Heart

... looks like a bit of self promo (laughs)