Scris pe 06.09.2004 de Hazee

"1912" a fost debutul in UK (la labelul Jerona Fruits Recordings) al Michal Holy aka Mijatoho, unul din cei mai titrati producatori de drumandbass din Elvetia. S-a nascut in 2 octombie 1979, si traieste in prezent in Zurich. A avut release-uri pentru Straight Ahead Recordings si a remixat diferiti artisti. Mai multe, spune chiar el..

What's the story behind the name "Mijatoho" and your UK debut?
"Mijatoho" is cut&paste formed from my real names. My UK-Debut in 2004 on Jerona Fruits Recordings (JFR03) was the result of my collaboration with swiss-brasilian singer Mamascilla and a remix by Mark Goodings of Hidden Agenda (Metalheadz/Dispatch). Jerona Fruits got my demo, asked me to tweak this and that - and went on to release it.

Why did you call the track "1912"? Do you intend to follow this style in your future productions, or do you want to expand your spectrum?
1912 was the year of the International Opium Conference, which recommended studying hemp, claiming scientific and statistical concerns while mostly supporting biased and racist arguments. The true reason for the U.S.-prohibition of hemp that followed in 1937, was that artificial fibres like Nylon synthesized from oil would bring more money than natural hemp fibres to Dupont, the company that today is advertising the use of genetically modified crops around the world through their subsidiary Pioneer Hi-Bred. Governments are still talking about how bad hemp is for the youth of 'their' country, while ignoring Teflon and other toxins in the environment. By the way, Vinyl vs. Shellac is also a case of synthetics replacing natural materials and most people today don't even know what Shellac is! Aside from this, the track is my attempt at combining two opposed styles in dnb: distortion basslines and sharp beats with a melodic and vocal twist. I like real instruments and voices as much as synthetic sounds - I want to take the combination as far as possible.

Tell me more about your musical background. How come you started producing drumandbass?
It started in my teens. Back then it was Jungle ('94) and even though I was playing bass in a band at the time, I wanted a sampler. So I got an Emax II and an old Mac and started experimenting, collecting breaks off anything one could sample. Suddenly, I found myself 'addicted' to jungle/dnb rhythmics. I see dnb as one of the last forms of truly innovative music. It has a higher energy level than any other style out there.

What soft/hard-ware are you using? What is your current setup? What is the secret of the final mixdown?
Right now I still have an E-mu in my studio, but most of the work is done on my PC with Live or Logic - even Fruity Loops for sketches... i don't care what software i have to use - it just has to do what I want! I use a Hammerfall Audiolink96 Multiset as my soundcard, and monitor through my HR824 Mackies. Mixing down works best in the morning while sipping on a glass of icy fruit shake. Know your room and monitoring equipment, compare your stuff!

How is the Swiss drumandbass scene, in terms of producers, parties and impact? Are there any artists to emerge in the near future?
In Switzerland, the scene has been suffering from the rave/club-scene, where it is 'see & be seen, take a lot of drugs' and not the music that counts. On the other hand, parts of the d&b scene have also dropped their standards of quality for conformity. Luckily, every town in switzerland still has one good crew that keeps organizing high quality d&b events or fat underground parties. So while there are a lot of DJ's playing the same old stuff year after year (most of them buying their records in the same shop, thereby reducing diversity again), there are only few dnb producers. Amazingly, there is currently no one in Zurich city releasing dnb vinyl regularly. There are some good releasing artists in other areas: Loccomotion (Zoo Rec.) from Geneva, St.Luce (Soulsurfinmusic.com) and Sentex (Think Rec.) from Basel, and Task Horizon (coming up on DSCI4).

What is your plan ? Collaborations, remixes?
I will be finishing new tracks for Jerona Fruits and starting the first dnb label in Zurich with the help of the mute.ch-crew. Apart from that, i'm open to suggestions.

Bootlegging seems to have taken over in the past few years, what do you think? Any plans for doing one?
How about 'Sisters of Mercy - Temple of Love'. The original is at 165. Put a fat amen in there, boost the bass with a sub, there you are. Tried it for fun and it works, sort of.

Tell me about your live setup, how do you interact with the instrument players and how do you organize the whole thing?
My usual live setup is machines vs. drums and a singer or mc, depending on the venue and desired setup, have been thinking about reincorporating my bass into the live setup, I also do play minimal-setup gigs with my laptop and a faderbox only. When playing with a drummer, I tend to leave out some of my own drum tracks and just jam in a beatless mode, although i have already found one amazing drummer who is able to keep tight with the tempo for two hours or so.

What do you prefer, live acting or DJ-ing? How do you see the future of DJ-ing?
I don't think that it is a live acts vs. DJ's thing. The two are elements capable of cooperating, with laptoppers remixing dj sets or djs finalscratching laptop tracks. Personally, I prefer live sessions, because I have more control over the music coming out of the speakers.

Please give me your current top 10 tunes and some sidelines to them:
My current all time favourites (in no particular order):

Label - Artist - Track
Photek Productions - Digital - Lower Depths 'dry as a bone (minimal/abstract masterpiece)
Timeless - Digital - Delay (deepest d&b tune ever - scary!)
Signature - Calibre - Highlander (amen breaks with soul)
Metalheadz - Hidden Agenda - No Man's Land 'minimal funk (on and on)
CIA - Mathematics - Booty Conspiracy (jump up with soul)
Headquarters - Influx Datum - Meant Love (melodic roller)
31 Rec. - Intalex & S.T. - How You Make Me Feel (d&b soul classic)
Talkin Loud - Krust - Tribute (heavy minimal)
Dispatch - Nos - Chameleon (rolling bass! smashing!)
New Identity - Influx Datum - Can't Understand (deep & dubby)