Scris pe 20.01.2004 de Doru649

First thing, can you introduce yourself to us quickly?
Well, I am the only DJ & producer in Moldova - I mean one who mixes these both ideas: producing and DJ-ing. I represent the Moldavian scene on international level, because my stuff is well known in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and now, I hope, a little bit in Romania. Concerning drum'n'bass - I'm more into technoid stuff.

Please can you explain the meaning behind your name?
It's about russian slang. The word "meat" can be used when talking about hard, fast music, which makes your brain fly out of your head. So "meatworks" means one, who makes such music as described.

What's the connection between you and Materye Meteori?
"Materye Meteori" - is a local promo group, estabilished by DJ Shahash. The only promo which invites artists from outside Moldova. "Materye Meteori" is in the direction of more theatrical shows with live performances, not into simple raving. I collaborate with Shahash and usually play on his events. I will play on the next show in January 2004.

How's Kishinev for one like you?
Like any other place... It's my home. I think it's not so hard to be a great musician or well known DJ if you live in a little capital of a little state... It's all about your talent. And, certainly, your luck.

I know you've traveled a bit. Do you travel for the people or the places?
Places I think... people into drum'n'bass are the same everywhere. And I like it! During 2003 I was in Minsk (Belarus) twice - beautiful place, real good people and exellent raves! Also I was at an open air in Odessa (Ukraine) - nice one on the sea side. I like traveling... but I hate long trips inside bus or train! I hate them! Ha-ha

Where did you perform your favorite show?
I'm thinking of two raves last year: one here in Kishinev this summer - it was Friday, June 13th... Me and my friend from St. Petersburg (Dj Midway) – we made a 3 hours long "ping-pong" in Black Elephant club. We used to rewind each third track, 'cos pelople wanted to hear those breakdowns again. Oh, was great raving! And the second one - was the season opening in "New Club", Minsk (Belarusia) - more than 400 ravers... and me on the decks making pressure! One guy got on stage when I was playing and asked me to smoke skunk with him, righ on the stage... I will not say what happened later...

What was the best show you ever attended?
It was this big rave in St. Petersburg named "Vostochny Udar X Time" (techno, drum'n'bass, hiphop) with thousands of people on four dancefloors and with Dj SS (UK) as headliner... Great! Great rave!!!

And the worst?
Don't remember such things... Ha, ha!

Where on earth would you like to visit/perform where you have not yet done so?
I'm thinking Estonia, Romania, Russia and the UK... I mean big raves and so on...

When are you most content: when in the company of others or when alone?
I think both. Situation is different every day... you know: weather, mood, people and things around me... I can be influenced by shit like this.

Would your answer be the same if I had asked "When are you most creatively inspired?"
Oh no! My creation goes on when I am alone at home... It suddenly comes and suddenly disappears... I love the "inspiration" feeling – it's like sex, love or drugs!

Do you have any rituals or special habits that help get the creative juices flowing?
No. I think not. After I've got a piece of inspiration in my brain - other things (mastering for example) I do like some mechanical process. Rituals and habits - I think they're a bit false. If you are a real producer - you just have to sit down and make your ideas flow to the sound.

Concerning your music, do you have a different approach to it than the one you have for deejaying?
I make music as I feel it... But every kind of electronic music got its own standarts - so I write it for DJ-ing... I play my own stuff in mix with the other... no difference.

Do you use the internet to find new artists, just like people do for you?
You know, I meet many producers and DJ's such as Paul B, Trigga (Infamous Massive), people from Ukraine, and at the moment I collaborate and mix with them. The internet is a great thing. It helps me in my way.

What is on your play-list right now? Jungle or non-jungle?
Stuff from Black Sun Empire, DSCI4, Renegade Hardware, Gain – this music can't be named "jungle" at the moment... maybe drum'n'bass, technoid... "Jungle" is more about Congo Natty & Ganja Kru, but I'm into the nu skool.

Do you like to listen to your own music?

What's your favorite super hero?
X-Ray Cat, X-Ray Cat!!! Remember the movie "Freddy got fingered"?

When was the last time you cried?
Oh no... I'm not a girl... I'm a big egotist. And I never cry!

What can we expect from you and your fellows in 2004?
I've got plans to release a few tracks in the UK and to make a small tour... and to play, to play, to play and one more time to play good music for good people...

Any final statement or message to end this interview?
Peace, Love, Unity, more positive things and feelings. More new creative inspired producers. Big up massive & thank you for the music.