MC Coppa

Scris pe 15.01.2006 de Hazee

MC Coppa a debutat in 1998 si pana in 2006 i-a sustinut la microfon pe majoritatea DJ-ilor de calibru din drumandbass, calatorind in toata lumea. Acum sta in Viena, unde este rezident la Flex alaturi de D.Kay si Rawfull. Despre albumul sau de debut, colaborari si turneul din China(!) puteti citi in interviul acordat exclusiv pentru 4Elemente.RO.

What made u start a career as a MC? What is your musical background ?
I´ve always been into writing rhymes when I was younger, my brother´s hiphop collection got raided and so did my mums old reggae and soul vinyl collection, this helped me to form my love of music. The writing was purely for my own amusement, till one day a friend of mine invited me to sit in on a pirate radio show he was hosting. From there I would write my rhymes to the music and occasionally get brave and spit them live on the air. This became more frequent, and then I just slid into the role of "mc", and began working my way up through the scene.

You have travelled a lot. How's the drumandbass scene/crowds in China ?
I´ve been lucky enough to be able have seen a lot of the world through my performing in music. Still have some un-charted terrorities still, but theres a lot of time, i´m only 24. The Kitachi Tour of China was a real eye-opener as far as international work. It was here where I learned the values of communication across language and cultural barriers. It was really a case of sink or swim when we played the first few gigs in Beijing where the clubs we played in were not used to, or had never even heard any drum and bass live before, never mind drum and bass with an MC, so it was a real challenge for me and big test of my abilities. This was good for me because it set me up with the correct mindset for working international crowds whose first language was not English. The crowds in Shanghai were abit more diverse- there were a lot of Americans, germans, and other countries represented in the crowd who had previous experience of drum and bass so it was raving from the beginning. Playing in front of 2,000 people in Shanghai was my personal highlight of the Tour.

Which was the most interesting place you've been so far ? Any funny moments ?
The most interesting place i´ve played to date, was actually just this year in April. The venue was actually inside a mountain in Carinthia on the Italian border to Austria� Was booked there alongside Klute & Stirlin and Geetox� we pulled up to the front door of the mountain and traveled deep underground for about 10 minutes in a tunnel to get to the main part of the venue/mountain� looked like something straight out of Lord of the Rings�� was crazy� it was a big Techno/Drum and bass collaboration� will never forget it�. And for the record, no matter what anyone says� Stirlin included (Wink wink).. Coppa was not scared for a minute deep inside the mountain! OK!! Lol�

You've played with so many djs fo far, which one did you liked more ? Why ?
Most memorable sets i´ve had over the last years, have to include ones involving Trace, Teebee, Dj Lee, Cativo to name a few. Concord Dawn @ DKay and Rawfulls night in December last year was also one of my most recent memorable ones. I like Dj´s that come prepared with something different and really work behind the turntables, instead of just letting the tunes do all the work.

What do you like on stage: hyping the crowd or being more lyrical ?
Myself, personally I always look for a good balance, it really depends on the actual crowd in front of me, I look at what they want, and adjust my style accordingly. I use my experience of standing in front of crowds to read the situation, many times its quite obvious, but when the vibe needs a little push, then thats the point to step in. You gotta watch, rather than just throwing down lyrics on people that might at that particular point just wanna enjoy the music.

Drumandbass has gone global, the styles are so many right now. What are you feeling most at the moment?(producers, labels, styles).
My personal favourite styles and sounds at the moment, are coming from several places, really hot on the musical sounds coming out of Finland at the moment, headz like Physics, Resound, Contour have got me ear definitely. I blame those guys for opening my ears and mind to more musical, melodic sounds in drum and bass, which was the opposite of my dnb upbringing in UK. Also the stuff coming from Silva D from Soundsdevious UK is inspiring me at the moment, I like people that are not making formula music and who let the music outcome develop naturally rather than trying to sound like other people. Its all about self expression for me.

From UK to Vienna... a long journey, how come you chose Austria for a residency ?
What was happening to me in 2004, was I having a lot of European bookings and with me living in Leeds, I would often have to travel to London, Manchester if lucky, to get to the airports, and so I decided I might try to relocate to make it easier on myself - also I had a lot of work lined up, and an offer to do an album project out here so it was, to coin a phrase of the great LTJ, logical progression.

What do you think about the Austrian producers, DKay & Rawfull ? U played with them so many times...
Yeah, I know them more through my residency at their night @ Flex. They are good guys and were really open and accomadating to me when I moved over here. The culture out here isn't really MC-dominant, unlike back home in UK, so I respect the trust and support they´ve given me by giving me the residency. Its always a pleasure performing at their night beat it @ Flex on a Thursday out here, its always pushing forward, with high quality drum and bass guests from abroad also.

You're on so many 'fronts' right now: breakbeat, hip hop, drumandbass - which one do you feel most ?
I´m a kind of a artist that enjoys all different manners of music to work with, to me a beat is a beat and bassline is a bassline, BPM never comes into it. But for the pure rush and vibez, I would have to rate drum and bass as the ultimate in terms of energys and vibes I get from live performances (dependent on the dj of course!)

Are you affiliated to any booking agency? How important do you think is one in the career of a MC/DJ ?
Yeah, I work very closely with Katharina @ KP Booking Agency ( based out here in Vienna. They were good for me when I came over, being able to professionally deal with the demand I was getting in Europe and also in helping to connect the business angle to my work. Personally I believe that too many people think that if you join an �agency� (I use this term carefully because at the moment a lot of people are trying operate agencies with no experience, no contacts, no idea) that you will automatically get bookings. The good agencies only take on people who there already is a demand for, or who they know they can definately sell. Theres a lot of people setting up �agencies�, when I fact all they are doing is selling false promises to artists. A lot of us have had this experience, but I am comfortable with Katharina @ this agency and we do good work together.

Any plans for 2006 ? Gigs, releases, collaborations...
2006 is going to be a big year, a lot of the projects I started in 2005 are coming to blossom this year. I´m currently involved in a big project out here produced by Karl Moestl ( who is a world famous electronica producer from Kruder & Dorfmiester´s G-Stone stable. The project is shaping up very nicely and involves myself, a soul singer from Tenneese called Big John Whitfield (voice that's able to flatten buildings!), and another vocalist. Its called Soul Chemistry, and we are currently in the studio putting together the album. It's one of my biggest projects yet, so were all excited. Also got some drum and bass releases, one out now with Physics (Metalheadz/GoodLooking/Blindside) and a remix of a track of mine I co-produced with Silva D (Soundsdevious/Mix'n'Blen) from Phantasy (Easy Recordings) coming in the early part of this year. Also a feature forthcoming on Spree´s next album (

Would like to send a shout out to Hazee & all the Dnb Romania crew, European crew and worldwide drum and bass family! Coppa Kid salutes you!