Lordz of Fitness

Scris pe 20.10.2006 de DJ Strike

La putin timp dupa ce si-au incheiat setul, i-am intalnit la intrarea in hala ce gazduia festivalul TM06Base aflat in plina desfasurare. Kid Fresh & Rafik - jumatatea grupului german Lordz of Fitness prezenta la Timisoara in toamna acestui an, ne-au impartasit viziunile lor despre hip-hop si competitiile internationale de turntablism.

Have you ever been to Romania? Do you know what kind of music people listen here? It seemed to me that what you played was a little bit too commercial for this target.
Kid Fresh: Where it comes to music, for me is just about good music. I mean, doesn't matter if it sold a lot of records, or it didn't sold a lot of records. Good music it's just good music. What we do it's like play our favorite music for the audience. The crowd, they were really opened for it, it was cool. We were really enjoyed playing here.
Rafik: We have to realize what people like out here. We played different stuff together anyway like all different kinds of music that we like.

Did you have a playlist prepared or you just improvised?
Rafik: Whatever we feel might work out. It was kind of big surprise for us to see that kind of old school rave thing works all here. That's dope for us! We like that stuff!

Prodigy always works!
Rafik: You know it does not always work, but it's good if it works. It was crazy! I've never seen something like that before. People freaked out!
Kid Fresh: I felt like I was on the rave! I mean for me that's a good thing.

Do you enjoy more drum'n'bass or hip-hop than other kinds of music?
Kid Fresh: We enjoy everything. We don't play anything we don't like. Even if it's commercial. It's just popular music in the end.

Do you think that turntablism is linked only with hip-hop or it can be linked with drum'n'bass or other types of music?
Rafik: For me hip-hop is not music in the first place. For me hip-hop is a movement and it's about how people act while they're doing their thing. People who do drum'n'bass can be really hip-hop at the same time. It's not about the music. I gotta do something from the heart and you gotta feel it and that's what hip-hop it's all about to me. And the all turntablism thing... The only thing it's really adapted to... is music. And I would say the way we put it, it's really influenced by hip-hop culture. I don't know, for me it's still hip-hop even if it's all over the place. Even rave can be hip-hop.
Kid Fresh: Depends on the way how you put it on the table. The way we play it, we could put everything in the part like rock and techno, drum'n'bass, but the way we do our thing is still hip-hop, cause our arts is grounded in hip-hop in some ways.

You've won a lot of titles, you're international DJ champions. Do you think that you've arrived in that place where you can say "This is enough for me!"?
Rafik: Wow! That's a difficult one! In the first place I'm getting a lil' bit tired of all competition thing, because it's the biggest platform you have. So you gotta take it but on the same side you compete to be the best and in the first place that's what I'm not start doing it. It's just for me. The whole competition thing, like winning battles, puts a lot of pressure on you. I'm not done yet, I gotta do more and I wanna do more, but I really have to decide if I wanna do it. Cause I wanna do it just for doing it, not for being the best in the competition, or losing or whatever. It's not only about one guy, it's about the whole thing or what everybody is doing. Mainly I just wanna make music for myself in the first place. But I do feel, that I wanna do DMC one more time, because it's changing at the moment and it's getting bigger and bigger. I still wanna be a part of that.

Lordz of Fitness is composed of four DJs. Do you think in expanding the crew or to collaborate with other DJs?
Kid Fresh: The thing with the crew is like we found that all thing in 2001-2002 and besides of records we all done with battling basically. Records's the only one left. We still battling and fight for the whole thing. And we all quit doing team battles two years ago. So right now everybody's doing his thing on his own. Of course, we're all working together with different DJs and stuff like that. Lordz of Fitness was the forming crew as it's known as a battle and it's gonna be like that.
Rafik: We're all working together with different DJs. I have a project with DJ Tigerstyle and DJ Pfel it's called Eurostar, and I'm doing a lot of club gigs. J Bounce's producing a lot of artists.

What was the gig that you liked the most?
Rafik: It's like a few different things. For me the biggest hip-hop show I did was Hip Hop Kemp in Czech Republic, this year and last year was like a massive experience in front of that many people. Was like 22.000 or something. I've never played in front of that many people and I think Australia last year and Japan. That was like a big experience to play there and see how other people react to the culture and that was really interesting. And tonight was a really new experience too, that was one of my favorite to be honest. I'm not just saying that, I'm just serious.
Kid Fresh: We really liked to play here. Was crazy!

Do you think you'll comeback here to play?
Rafik & Kid Fresh: Anytime!