Scris pe 14.09.2006 de Hazee

A fost la Summer Break (Deva) asta vara si ne-a impresionat cu soundul sau si felul in care mixeaza. Puteti citi in continuare de ce Ulf Lindemann aka Dunkelbunt s-a apucat sa amestece soundul tipic balcanic cu muzica electronica, de ce s-a mutat la Viena si care sunt planurile lui de viitor.

"Dunkelbunt" is a strange association of words... What does it mean for you?
"Dunkel" means dark and "bunt" a kind of coloured. For me it means: underground and variety. But it is a kind of magic and lyric word in German language. When you read it once, you never will forget it.

You used to play drumandbass, why this change in style?
I got into the drum'n'bass scene in the year 96. 10 long years ago. The most important album in drum'n'bass for me was "Timeless" from "Goldie" in the year 95. I think I heard it more than thousand times. I have organized around 50 drum'n'bass parties, produced lots of tunes and act as DJ. After a while the wickedness of jungle and db lost its intensivity for me. Most tunes sounds similar. U start to know every break, every arrangement. Sometimes I still enjoy listening and dancing to drum and bass and feeling the good bass massage in my stomach. But I love the variety of the world, the life, the music. So it is clear that I will change my style again and again. In Vienna as I came into the gipsy music I started to connect it with different electronic and worldmusic styles, triphop, dub, hiphop, ragga, d&b, house, brasil, jazz, breaks and so on...

Why did you move to Vienna from Hamburg?
I wanted to go away from Germany, searching for something different after living there for nearly 20 years. Vienna is a city well known for good music, old classical stuff and the new electronic music like trip hop, downbeat, nu-jazz. So I have decided to move to Vienna, studying audio-engineering and since two years "jazz piano" at the Music University of Vienna.

Do you have any musical background?
Yes indeed. Lullabies from my mother in the evening... starting to play piano in my childhood.

Where do you get your inspiration?
From everywhere. Nature is on the top, music is also very important, downloading music from all over the world, travelling, just my life.

Do the people like the 'balkan hotstep' sound?
Yes, they do. All over the world. Radio plays en masse. It is incredible. Yesterday I got an email from an australian DJ and radiomoderator, he wrote this: "I know someone here, who was listening to the radio when I played "The chocolate butterfly". He was driving.....and, just after the introduction, where the 1st verse kicks in, he was enjoying it so much, he put his foot down and doubled the speed limit. The police were there, and took his drivers license away!" Ooops.

How's it going with the 'Balkan HotStep' clubnight? In which club in Vienna and how many people are coming?
I can say this is one of the most innovative club nights here in Vienna. It is well established. I play nearly in every club in Vienna. From the biggest to the smallest. I got so many booking requests that I can't do all the offers. One of my favourite clubs is the "Ost-Klub" the number of people depends on the location and the publicity, from 50 to 1000. Everything is possible.

You have a lot of tracks with Romanian titles, why?
Because I worked with Romanian bands and used samples. The other reason is that I travelled through Romania last year and learned some standard words. One song I called "La Revedere" because it hits the point of the song and the sample I used in the beginning...

Do you actually know the people you have taken samples from? (e.g. Fanfare Ciocarlia)
Some people I know, some better, some not. Some after using their samples. Some before. "Fanfare Ciocarlia" I do not know personal. Just emailing. But I know they love balkan hot step, and there will come the time to meet them...

How's your studio looking like? What kind of software do you use?
A picture would be the best, but I will try to explain. The heart is my recording-program Cubase SX on pc. For special editing I use Soundforge. Then using standard plugins like Waves, Timeworks, Ohmboy... I have 5 very old analog synths from korg (for example ms10) and 3 digital synths. I dont use software synths because I love to play with the keys, knobs and wheels. and I think the old synths are sounding much better than software. They are warmer - not so clean. I used to work with a sampler EMU 6400 but know I use software-sampler or just audio in Cubase.

How do you pick your samples?
From everywhere. Recording, sampling, creating, there is no standard receipt. Important is to hear a lot of music to find parts u can use for sampling. Always with open ears through the world!

You travelled a lot, which 'gypsies' have you liked most? Serbs, Romanian or Hungarian?
Serbs and Romania I made my best experience. But I don't like so much to talk to much about nationalities. I love the human beeing and think we are all same. Fuck borders.

We would like to know more about your 1 month bike trip from Vienna to Istanbul...
Starting in Vienna following the stream of the Danube... passing trough seven countries: Austria, Slowakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, by bike. Tenting and cooking on the fire - adventure style. Meeting so many friendly people. Chilling at the Black Sea for one week. The intro from "Black Eyed Sea" I recorded at the beach... The intro of "La Revedere" in romania near Eseliza.

Any future plans?
Making music and moving to Istanbul after finishing my piano study.

Which place you've played you liked most? Would you like to play again in Romania?
There are several places. Open air I prefer because of the wind and the fresh air. Nothing is better than a fresh breeze on my face while DJing and dancing. Yes I cant wait to come to Romania again. I would love to come once a month. Check me bookings please as much as possible!!