Blu Saphir Recordings Profile

Scris pe 10.11.2005 de Hazee

Blu Saphir Records a fost fondata in februarie 2005 de catre Jerome Roth aka DJ ROME, un cetatean german cu o mare afinitate pentru liquid si soulful drumandbass. Desi are doar cateva release-uri la activ, am prevazut un viitor frumos pentru acest label, care este promovat de nume grele ca Junior Cartel, Makoto, Bailey, John B, XRS and Marky, Physics, Lightwood, Big Bud, Logistics sau Greg Packer.

The label is based next to Frankfurt am Main / Germany. We are in a lil village called Dreieich.

People behind Blu Saphir:
Our crew became very international. We have artists from here and everywhere... for example we have from Brazil: Roots and Bungle, from Chile we have The Ego, from Canada (Toronto) we have Aspect, from Finland(Helsinki) we have Kaleb and Contour, from Russia we have Jebar & Foyer, Electrosoul System, from the UK we have Big Bud and from Germany Twintone, Henree and myself and of course there are more to come.

Profile. Approached genres. Target. Goals:
My constant goal is to release quality music and push some unknown artists as well until we feel their music. Another aim is also to work more with UK distributions together, which is very important to get into the big UK market.

Artists. Past releases:
First release was back in 2001 on Santorin sister label S-Limited Rec. with the the System Killaz crew. Then I started my own label and released successfully two 12s:
A: Contour- Synapse
AA: Twintone & DJ-Rome - I Try
A: Kaleb & Contour - Straight Ahead
AA: Kaleb - Hold My Love

That's it so far...

Further projects, collaborations, releases:
We have lined up for the Blus#003, the Remixes of the first 12", by the likes of the best up and coming artists at the moment: Bungle and Muffler. For the Blus#004 there is also a release lined up by Aspect and Electrosoul System which is currently being supported by DJ Marky, Tommy Knocker and many others. Of course we have something very special lined up for next year. We will have Jebar & Foyer from St. Petersburg who did a top roller called "Rhytual" with a a Big Bud Remix on the flip. We are really proud and happy to have these artists at our camp.

How come did you think about having a label? Was it hard to set it up?
After hearing the new Twintone tunes back in the days I was like "wooow, this guy is amazing", so we met a lot, became good friends and made the decision to do a track together and release it on Blu Saphir Rec. We did it so nicely that many people over the globe were asking us to do a remix of it, so we began to get some respect and met then our future homeboys Muffler, Kaleb and Contour from Helsinki(Finland). We really loved (and still love) their music and signed directly a couple of their tunes, which came already out now on Blus#001 and Blus#002. With these tunes we had no problem to get a deal with Groove Attack.

Who distributes you in the UK? How hard is it to find a good distribution deal?
Well my principal distribution is Groove Attack but they work a bit with UK distributions like ST. Holdings and Load Media together. To get a distribution deal you have to work out a good concept. Necessary is quality in every way (tunes, artwork, etc.). But at the moment the music world is full of labels. It's really not the best time to start a label. But everything is possible, if there is a love there is also a chance.

What do you think about .mp3 releases as opposed to vinyl pressings?
Mp3 distribution is the future, so we will take this opportunity and distribute it over the internet as well. But principally we sell vinyls, that's the real media for us.

How do you sign new artists to your label?
Well we get new files over aim or CD and if we are feeling it we sign it. We don't care if the artists are really known or not it's just all about the good vibe. But at the moment we have like a lil' homebase with a lot of artists worldwide which we want to push first.

How important is Internet in your business?
It's very important for all label management. With the Internet it's possible to keep in contact and to make new contacts with artists, promoters, djs, mcs, etc from all over the world. It's also very important because it's of course a big promotional platform.

Which is your favourite label right now, why?
I love labels like Hospital, Soul:R, Signature, Innerground, Sound-Trax, Critical or V, the people standing behind these labels are just feelin' the right music to the max and know how to guide the dnb into the right direction. They are making the future beats.

Who would you like to sign in the future, why?
I would love to sign tunes from Chino, High Contrast, Basic Operations, Laroque, XRS & Marky, Alix Perez, Random Movement or Submorphics. I am just feeling their tunes to the max.

In a few words, how big is the drumandbass movement in Germany?
I would say quite healthy.In some cities the scene is stronger than in others. We do have strong scene in Cologne, Manheim, Bremen, Berlin, Munchen, Ulm, and Dresden, for example.

What's behind the name 'Blu Saphir'?
Well I was searching for a good name a long time, but mainly all the names which went into my mind where already taken. After a while I was thinking of jewels and sapphires. Sapphire is a strong name for me representing: success, glamour, elegance and quality.
In some countries the Blue Sapphir is known as a talisman as well.